Changing Careers

I recently decided to leave the world of education and move into sales. Many people have asked me how I came to this decision, so the following is my explanation:

Where to start? Ah, when I was a freshman in college, my advisor told me to pick a major. I told her I never wanted to take another English class and that I was undecided between being a business major and education. I choose business education so I didn’t have to decide. I took on an English minor as a way to stay in school for an extra year for track (and because I had an English professor who was incredible rude, offensive, profane, awesome).

Before I knew it I was student teaching and then got a job teaching English in Colorado.

I kinda enjoyed the whole teaching business/computers and coaching while at RHS, but about that time I was still considering the whole business/MBA thing. Once I finished that up, I definitely decided to bail on the whole teaching thing and abandon the getting sweared at/teaching how to use commas/grading papers.

A position came open at Runnion Equipment and I was able to move into it. While I will miss the people I work with and the summers (oh, the glorious summers), I am definitely excited for the new opportunity, and I am learning a lot every day which is fun. So if you know anybody who is looking for a crane, bucket truck, trailer, or forklift, let me know.

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