Red Bull & Daredevils

As I was perusing Twitter the other day, I saw that Valery Rozov of Russia decided to BASE jump from Everest. While it was from an altitude of 7,220m (about 1 mile below the summit), it’s still very rarefied air and incredibly dangerous. Red Bull has been on a tear the last few years pulling off dangerous stunts which have been quite successful (e.g Felix Baumgarter) and have done a great job enhancing their brand.

But as I was watching the jump yesterday, I was wondering, “What would happen, God forbid, if one of these guys killed themselves?” Red Bull has been branding themselves as risk takers and adventurous. How badly would their brand suffer? Would they back off on these marketing campaigns? I don’t think much would change. Maybe the stunts would be put on hold for a short time, but they have poured millions into their connecting themselves to adventure seeking youths. Air Races, Flugtags, F1 Racing, and the like would push their brand in the desired direction, but these stunts really put the Red Bull name out there.

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