Last night I started my second to last semester in my MBA and the class was Entrepreneurship, Creativity, & Innovation. One fun activity that we started was to think of the last 5 days and write down on a sticky note the rest of the sentence “wouldn’t it be nice if. . .” The concept is to identify a problem and possibly create a solution to an everyday problem. We sat there brainstorming on our sticky notes for 7 minutes and all came up with about 10 ideas (190 ideas in total (19 students x 10 ideas each). We are going to be in groups and develop these further, but I’ve started thinking about them further.

WIBNI. . .
- The news was all positive
- My students turned in their work on time
- I could replace the cracked screen on my phone
- I had more time in the day to get everything done
- SteepleWeb users (athletes) were able to engage with each other.
- I had more space at home to store these new chairs from Grandma
- I knew the rest of the words to the Beach Boy’s song “Wouldn’t it be Nice”

Obviously some won’t go anywhere, but there are a few that could be interesting to explore a bit further.

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