Still don’t post often

One of the hardest part of sales is explaining to customers why the box of donuts Im bringing only has 11 donuts. Donut are much more frequent that one would expect.

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Haikus from Mexico

Sweet salt breathes from east
Waves crash from the new sun
Sand tickles beneath.

* * * * * * * *

Sand tickles beneath
Waves crash from the new sun
- Dashed by Blondie songs.

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Changing Careers

I recently decided to leave the world of education and move into sales. Many people have asked me how I came to this decision, so the following is my explanation:

Where to start? Ah, when I was a freshman in college, my advisor told me to pick a major. I told her I never wanted to take another English class and that I was undecided between being a business major and education. I choose business education so I didn’t have to decide. I took on an English minor as a way to stay in school for an extra year for track (and because I had an English professor who was incredible rude, offensive, profane, awesome).

Before I knew it I was student teaching and then got a job teaching English in Colorado.

I kinda enjoyed the whole teaching business/computers and coaching while at RHS, but about that time I was still considering the whole business/MBA thing. Once I finished that up, I definitely decided to bail on the whole teaching thing and abandon the getting sweared at/teaching how to use commas/grading papers.

A position came open at Runnion Equipment and I was able to move into it. While I will miss the people I work with and the summers (oh, the glorious summers), I am definitely excited for the new opportunity, and I am learning a lot every day which is fun. So if you know anybody who is looking for a crane, bucket truck, trailer, or forklift, let me know.

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Red Bull & Daredevils

As I was perusing Twitter the other day, I saw that Valery Rozov of Russia decided to BASE jump from Everest. While it was from an altitude of 7,220m (about 1 mile below the summit), it’s still very rarefied air and incredibly dangerous. Red Bull has been on a tear the last few years pulling off dangerous stunts which have been quite successful (e.g Felix Baumgarter) and have done a great job enhancing their brand.

But as I was watching the jump yesterday, I was wondering, “What would happen, God forbid, if one of these guys killed themselves?” Red Bull has been branding themselves as risk takers and adventurous. How badly would their brand suffer? Would they back off on these marketing campaigns? I don’t think much would change. Maybe the stunts would be put on hold for a short time, but they have poured millions into their connecting themselves to adventure seeking youths. Air Races, Flugtags, F1 Racing, and the like would push their brand in the desired direction, but these stunts really put the Red Bull name out there.

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Finally Updating

I need to update my title tag and get rid of the MBA student part since I graduated a few weeks ago. I’ll also have to update my about page. I finished my negotiation class with an A and ended up with 3.78 GPA which allowed me to beat my goal of having a higher GPA than my undergrad (3.40). Now it’s time to take these 3 years and do something with this degree.

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Triple Contingency Model

The triple contingency model in negotiations states a negotiator must be effective in 1) mastering the substance (planning), 2) building relationships and trust, and 3) managing the negotiation process. Further, this model is dynamic and takes place in the context of time. “The implication of the triple contingency model is that negotiators have to use their multiple intelligences to operate effectively and simultaneously in the three areas” (Benoliel & Cashdan).

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Negotiations and NPR

Negotiations have been on my mind lately since I’m taking Negotiations as my final class at NIU and since the district I work for and the union have been in negotiations for last 10+ months. Dr. Burton sent us this good NPR program and the process of negotiation in relation to a really complex negotiation – Israel and Palestine.

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My Snow Day

Snowday time lapseSecond Tuesday in a row that we had a snowstorm hit. While I had to go to work last week and had class cancelled at night, school was completely closed today. After drinking a LOT of coffee while playing with the new coffee grinder and some different techniques of the French press, I did some grading and got to working on the SteepleWeb marketing plan, particularly focusing on the social media aspect. We’ve neglected that a bit lately, so it’s my job to outline a strategy and set up a calendar. Now that the Hawks are on, I am going to write a proposal for about negotiating.

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